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All orders have a flat $7.00 processing/handling charge. 
Our calculator is designed for our Regular Size Communion and Cups.
For Large Loaf Communion, please double the answer.
We recommend a 3-9 month supply.
# of Members # of Communions a Month =
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Example: 4 Boxes of Bread $50.00 + 4 Cartons of Cups $96.00 + Flat $7.00 Processing/Handling fee = $153.00
​New Church Special!
For every 4 Boxes of S&M Communion Bread you buy, you get 1 FREE!
Applicable online(automatically) or telephone. 
Haven't ordered for your church in 3 years or more. 
Not applicable with other specials. 
Offer on S&M Communion Bread Only.

Offer Valid for a Limited Time!
Large Loaf Communion (1/2" x 1/2")**:
**Approximately 500 Loaves Per Box. 
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3) We will e-mail a copy of the invoice and tracking information to you.* 
         *Don't be alarmed - you don't get instant confirmation. We process orders Mon.-Thur.

Reordering? Can't remember how many to get?
Let us know if you just want to Duplicate your last order
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(Gluten Free Serve Approx. 40-50)
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"Ship To" is the same as "Bill To" Address. But mail invoice seperately.
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