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What's New?

April 14, 2014
East is almost here! Place your orders early to ensure you get it for the weekend - especially since most Churches are closed on Good Friday.

Also we have a new shipping carton - before you had to jump from 24 boxes to 50 boxes. We now have a 36 box carton! 

April 7, 2014
We have been super busy as Easter is approaching! In the last week we have mailed out a lot of samples after we had a lot of people receive a postcards. We hope you have a great week!

March 17, 2014
We got some new Churches this month! Thank you!
We have also shipped out a lot of samples this week too!
We have a lot of postcards ready to go soon too! :-)
Big Hill Christian Church - Richmond, KY
Community Christian Outreach - Hanover, IN
Living Word Bookstore - Shawnee, OK
Pine Lake Christian Church - Seebring, OH
Tulip Street Christian Church - Mitchell, IN
Vermont Christian Church - Vermont, IL
Tualatin Hills Christian Church - Tualatin, OR
New Bethel AME - Lithonia, GA

March 6, 2014
"You all have the BEST TASTING Communion Bread!"
Thanks for the kind words Sheryl of Community Christian Church in Jefferson City, MO! We appreciate the kind words and hope you don't mind us telling everyone! :-)  Community Christian Church is a newer account and just placed their second order today after getting a sample just a couple months ago. Thank you! :-)

March 5, 2014
UPS and USPS shipments may be running slow as 
a result of the poor weather. 
Please keep this in mind when ordering in the winter! We do our best to ship things out as fast as possible on time sensitive orders!

March 3, 2014
We had a great day despite poor weather across the east(and here in Nashville)! We ran a minimal staff today to ensure we got orders to our awesome customers! We are leaving the office about 30 minutes early today to ensure safe trips home for our staff. We will return all phone calls tomorrow morning. Have a great week!

February 20, 2013
We had another great week! We have more postcards getting ready to go into the mail early next week! Have a great weekend!

February 19, 2014
Our web store may be down for period of time between today the 19th to the 21st. We apologize for any issues. 
(Edited: The store should be ok here on out- Feb 20)

February 13, 2014
Snowy weather has put a damper on things in
 the Bible Belt as well as the Eastern USA. 
We are ready for things to get back to normal soon! 
This week has been o.k. but we know it will be picking up soon!
Newest Churches!
ElBethel Christian Church - Owenton, KY
Timberland Drive Christian Church - Lustin, TX
Enon Baptist Church - Chester, VA
Lakewood Manor - Manor, VA
Louisville Christian Church - Louisville, OH
Beulah Baptist Church - Lynchburg, VA
Antelope Springs Church - Roseville, CA

January 29, 2014
We have had a BUSY month! 
We just ran out of Gluten Free Communion - it has been reordered. ETA Late next week. 

Newest Churches - Plus we mailed a lot of samples!
We can't wait to hear back from you all!

Campus View Church - Athens, GA
Wayside Chapel - San Antonio, TX
Shelby Christian Church - Shelbyville, KY
Open Door Fellowship Christian Church - Cameron, TX
Victory Road Assembly of God - Norfolk, NE
St. Mark Baptist Church - Valdosta, GA
First Baptist Church - Brandon, MS
Greater Macedonia Baptist Church - Texas City, TX
Nashville Christian Church - Nashville, IN
First Church of Christ - Ankeny, IA
Mackinaw Christian Church - Mackinaw, IL
Newton Christian Church - Lexington, KY
First Christian Church - Wagoner, OK
Orchard Church Erie - Erie, CO
Cottage Grove Rivers Church - Cottage Grove, OR
The Foundry Baltimore Church - Baltimore, MD
Golden Isle Christian Church - Brunswick, GA

December 30, 2013
We will be closed New Year's Eve and New Years Day. 
UPS is not running either day so we can't ship. 
We look forward to having another great year thanks to all your support! 
Happy New Year! 

December 26, 2013
We hope everyone and a wonderful Christmas! We did! 2014 is going to be here before know it! Our newest Churches and Bookstore helped us a lot!
First Christian Church - Langley, OK
Padden Fork Chapel Christian Church - New Martinsville, WV
Ninevah Christian Church - Ninevah, IN
The Supply Closet - New Martinsville, WV
First Christian Church -Siloam Springs, AR
Pine Grove Church of Christ - Manchester, KY
New Bethel Ministries - Dallas, TX

December 5, 2013
Need an order for Christmas - Please order by Monday December 16th to help ensure adequate shipping time. We will be shipping out on time like normal, however sometimes UPS and USPS are a little slower this time of year.
Newest Churches!
Grace Church - Mahomet, IL
Hillsboro United Methodist - Crawfordsville, IN
White Mills Christian Church - White Mills, KY
Packing House - Packing House, CA

November 14, 2013
New Churches for the month! Thank you! 
All of our regular customers have been keeping us busy!
Winnwood Baptist Church - Kansas City, MO
Walton Christian Church  - Walton, IN
Taft Avenue Community Church - Orange, CA
Redwood Covenant Church - Santa Rose, CA

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