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About Us

     Mrs Lera Moore was a life long member of Glen Leven Presbyterian Church located in Nashville, TN. In the 1930's she was asked to make the communion for the church which she readily accepted, which wouldn't have surprised many for everyone knew her to be a fabulous cook. In 1936 Mrs. Lera Moore and her sister, Sadie Shelton both started baking the bread for a few local churches. Not long after teaming up, the sisters named the business after themselves(Shelton and Moore), S&M Communion Bread Company. Unfortunately tragedy struck the family and Sadie Shelton passed away in less than a year. Mrs. Lera Moore continued to make the bread for local churches with the growing help of her son, Tom A. Moore whom was a skilled tool and die maker. By 1947 Mrs. Lera Moore had over 50 churches for whom she was baking communion. As Mrs. Lera Moore grew older she sought additional help. Thus, her son Tom used his skilled trade to build machines that increased production and enabled the business to substantially grow into a full time business. 

     By the mid 1950's, S&M Communion Bread Company was nationwide and moved out of the “kitchen” and into our current manufacturing facility. Tom A. Moore began investing more time into the business with the help of his wife Lois Moore. They were a good team, Tom specialized in the production side and Lois handled the office side. From 1950 to 1980 Tom and Lois grew the business and traveled across the USA going to numerous church conventions, helping to build brand awareness. At the conventions our bread amazed our soon to be customers for its taste and quality. Our signature, little yellow box with red writing has been a tradition for the life of our bread. 

     As Tom and Lois Moore grew older, they wanted to hand down the business to their daughters Barbara Reynolds and Alice Weaver. In 1980 Barbara Reynolds, an Economics Professor at Belmont University left her passion of teaching to sustain the family business. To this day Alice Weaver continues to contribute to the business, however Barbara has relied the most on her husband Buford Reynolds who also left a college professorship. Barbara and Buford Reynolds began implementing more marketing techniques to help grow the business and to raise their two children Geoffrey and Chris. Presently Barbara, Buford and Chris continue to follow Mrs. Lera Moore's secret family recipe and to provide provide prompt, courteous service to churches and christian bookstores across the nation. 

 While S&M once meant Shelton and Moore Communion Bread Company, we have since altered the meaning to Son & Mother Communion Bread Company. Son & Mother implying Christ and his Mother. 

 Customer Testimonials

The following are customer testimonials. We have shipped millions of servings of our bread over the years, and based on these testimonials, we believe our products and services will impress you as well! 

"Thanks so much for the prompt and courteous response." Jodie, Russell Springs, KY    September 2011

"Chris, I just spoke with your mother and placed an order for the large loaves. It was very sweet of her to call personally, and very gratifying to see that my feedback made an impact. I truly hope that the changes you've made will help your company continue to grow, and I look forward to continuing our vendor-client relationship!
Thanks again for the feedback on my feedback. It's nice to know that my voice was heard. :)" 
Sarah, Downey, CA    July 2011

"Thanks for your prompt reply. I am thrilled that you are able to do this(large loaf communion) for us."
 Matt, Corvallis, MT  July 2011

"We have enjoyed using S&M Communion Bread Company for over 25 years. Thank you for your great service!" - Ann, Dallas, TX

"Thank you. They love it." - Mary, Lancaster, CA

"Thanks so much for your wonderful service this year and previous years. You are such a blessing to us... God Bless." - Leah, Effingham, IL

"Thank you very much for your courtesy and excellent service." - Audrey, Danville, VA

"S&M Communion Bread has always provided us top quality bread and prompt service. Honesty and integrity have always been your trademarks." - Lloyd, Wichita, KS

"We have used your communion bread many years. Not one complait has ever been received." - Margaret, Joplin, MO

 "We appreciate your fast service." - Merle, Columbus, IN

"We've used S&M bread over 20 years. We feel confident in its freshness and have never had a complaint." - Carole, Las Vegas, NV

"We like the size and texture of the bread. Thanks for your part in our ministry." - Ken, Turlock, CA 
We have been in the same location since the 1950's - it started just a few doors up the street in a small garage.